Project in the spotlight: Joline Delcroix at Cras


With over 10 years of experience on her hands, Joline Delcroix (34) joined Finsiders. She came on board thanks to the extensive support and the opportunity to grow. Her first project was already challenging and exciting. In her first project, she took on the role of Chief Accountant at Cras, a company active in the wood sector.


Getting started with Finsiders

In anticipation of a new hire, Joline's job consisted of both providing operational support and also optimizing internal processes. "In addition, a lot of time had already been invested in the implementation of the ERP package SAP in the first few months of the year, which resulted in an operational backlog." Plenty of challenges, therefore, that Joline was quickly immersed in. Managing and motivating the five-strong accounting team was also part of her responsibility.

The priority was first and foremost to eliminate the backlog. It was soon decided to bring an additional Finsider on board with Stephanie Steurbaut (28), an experienced AP Accountant.

Geert Defour
"Finsiders played very short on the ball. They clearly understood our needs and with Joline immediately selected the right expert for our project."
Geert Defour, CFO Cras

Push boundaries

After a brief handover, Joline managed to get off to a quick start in her new role. "The first few days I mainly focused on documenting and mastering the internal procedures and getting to know the team. Very pleasant colleagues, each with their own qualities and strengths." The collaboration with the CFO and Cost Controller also went smoothly. "You notice that both the employees in the finance team and the other departments are very open-minded. They are open to innovations, other insights and optimizing collaborations."

Dividing the tasks well and using everyone's strengths ensured that the backlog was cleared and she could continue to work on making the internal processes more efficient. "My experience in implementing an ERP system ensured that I was able to quickly fix some pain points that the finance team had been struggling with since implementation. As an outsider, I can also take a fresh look at the internal processes and formulate some proposals to be more efficient with the available time and resources." In this way, Joline and the team succeeded in pushing their own limits and those of the organization together.

Joline Delcroix
"As an experienced outsider, I can take a fresh look at internal processes and formulate proposals to be more efficient with the available time and resources."
Joline Delcroix, Lead Accountancy Expert

Grote voldoening

Joline looks back with satisfaction on her first project weeks at Cras. A good cooperation starts of course with sufficient support and trust from the company itself. "Already during the first meeting with CFO Geert Defour I noticed that we were on the same wavelength. I clearly felt that, in addition to being challenged, I would also be given sufficient responsibility to fulfil this temporary role optimally". "Joline combines a pleasant personality with professionalism. After a brief knowledge transfer, Joline took charge of the accounting team. Her knowledge of SAP allowed her to support the team and optimize/adjust processes. In a relatively short period of time, a number of problems were also thoroughly addressed and resolved."

Working on a project basis - despite the fact that you often end up in a problem-solving role - is also a very rewarding role. "The appreciation I've received so far from both colleagues and the business manager really works to stimulate me to take additional steps. Going the extra mile for this client is therefore no problem." In addition, Joline has also learned a lot of things herself. Not only about the wood industry itself, but also in dealing with people and in the implementation of SAP.


About Cras

Cras NV is a family business that dates back to 1878 and is known as a specialist in wood & board material for various applications. The company sells to companies, independents and private persons and has no less than 16 distribution points and 450 employees.

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