Immobel & Finsiders, a growth story


With Finsiders, we are always ready to support and strengthen companies in their further growth. A nice example of a great partnership is the cooperation with Immobel Group. After all, Immobel Group has grown considerably in recent years and in order to remedy the growing pains, the help of Finsiders was called in. We turn the spotlight briefly on the contribution of Finsiders Annelies De Rudder (40) and Benoit Luyts (26) to this fascinating project.


The start of a structural collaboration

The last few years have gone fast for Immobel. In addition to international growth, the internal processes and systems were also thoroughly revised and rolled out in a short space of time. In this context, it was decided to initially bring in Finsiders Benoit Luyts and Annelies De Rudder to support this transformation.

After a short familiarisation period, Benoit was quickly able to integrate within the Transactional Accounting team, while Annelies' task was to fully manage and structure several companies in the accounting field. Annelies takes fully to heart the principle of "leading by example" and thus meets Immobel's needs today. As an expert and sparring partner, she is a sounding board for the management and is also given the space to initiate change herself. "The cooperation with the management went smoothly from the start. You notice that they want to move forward and are open to new ideas and insights."

"Finsiders is for me the reference for highly qualitative financial project consulting. Annelies and Benoit have met, and even exceeded, expectations in a short period of time."
Didier Lefèvre, Head of Accounting & Consolidation - Immobel


After a smooth familiarisation period, Annelies and Benoit were able to fully develop their roles within Immobel, enabling the organisation to take further steps forward. An implementation project for a new ERP system was started. Based on his skills and interests, Benoit was involved in this project. This way he saw his role evolve along with the needs of the organization. After the accounts payable part, he will now also focus on the accounts receivable process. "That is very instructive for me. It encourages me to keep developing myself and with this baggage I can contribute even more to future projects."

Annelies' role also evolved along with the organization. "Initially, my job was to carry out important checks in the accounts of various companies. This revealed a number of issues that could be addressed immediately. Now my role is mainly focused on further structuring and getting the most out of the new ERP program."

"This project continues to challenge me in different ways and you can see that steps are being taken forward. The appreciation I receive provides an extra boost."
Annelies De Rudder, Lead Accountancy Expert - Finsiders

Added value

The collaboration between Finsiders and Immobel has been strengthened along the way. Annelies therefore looks back on the past period at Immobel with satisfaction. "Because the organization has grown so much, there are of course a number of challenges, but I feel that I can add great value. This project continues to challenge me in different ways and you can see that steps are being taken forward. The appreciation I receive provides an extra boost."

Working on a project basis often puts you in a problem-solving role. That also brings a lot of appreciation because the customer is really helped. Furthermore, it also offers the possibility to learn a lot of things in different environments, both professionally and personally.

Also for Didier the added value is clear: "Annelies has very quickly noticed and corrected a number of important issues. Through her previous experience with an ERP implementation, she brings insights that we would otherwise not be aware of. In addition, the support from Finsiders is really a distinguishing factor. The thorough follow-up of the Finsiders management team, the meter/petition system and the Academy allows us to smoothly integrate juniors and career starters into our organization, in addition to experienced experts."


About Immobel

Immobel is the largest listed real estate developer in Belgium, founded in 1863 and based in Brussels. The company currently has 45 ongoing projects, ranging from development of family homes and small apartment buildings to office buildings and urban development.

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