At Finsiders, you're not a number, you're a count!


Working for Finsiders means opting for a flexible route tailored to your personal objectives. At the beginning of last month, the Finsiders team welcomed Stijn Van Lembergen. With 5 years of experience as a consultant with the Big4, among others, he made the switch to Finsiders. What was his motivation for choosing Finsiders? No one better to answer this than Stijn himself.


A tailor-made job

"At Finsiders, my development is central, not the customer", Stijn is clear. After almost 5 years of working within corporate structures where turnover and business are central, Stijn consciously chose to develop himself. "During my application process at Finsiders, an assessment sounded out my personal competences and how I wanted to strengthen them. At Finsiders, an assessment is not seen as a selection tool, but to map out where personal coaching and support is needed. This way, all experts can count on a career tailored to their personal goals. On the basis of the test results, a dialogue with the Academy Manager ensues, in which together we consider which training opportunities and projects best suit both the knowledge and ambitions of the new Finsider. "Based on this, a personal and exciting career plan was proposed to me that fits within my work-life balance. Everything radiated professionalism and confidence. The decision was therefore quickly made."

Stijn Van Lembergen
"At Finsiders, it is the employees themselves who set the direction of their careers and not the other way around."
Stijn Van Lembergen, Accountancy Expert

Agile organization

Unlike the large, corporate offices, Finsiders puts the needs of the employee first. "At my previous employers, little consideration was given to my personal needs. The growth trajectory was standardized and the training courses were hardly geared to my ambitions and goals." Finsiders distinguishes itself as an agile organization that provides a customized path for each employee. The reason for this is clear: when the employee grows, the customer and Finsiders grow with him. Growing together is paramount.

"The approachability of the Homebase, the search function in the Academy and the personal coaching ensure that I always get a correct answer to my questions quickly." By providing training that not only raises technical skills to a higher level but also soft skills, they manage to provide a training program that also has an impact in the private lives of their experts. "In the past, when I worked for the large corporations, the training courses always depended on the project in which I would be placed. They often did not match my personal growth objectives".

In charge of your own career

At Finsiders, it is the employees themselves who set the direction of their careers and not the other way around! In the past, I increasingly felt like I was being pushed in one particular direction that was determined by the organization and not myself." It is the employees themselves who determine that direction, pace and final destination. Keeping control of his own career was also an important criterion in his choice of Finsiders. "I get a lot of say in the different projects I am assigned to. As a result, they are also very much in line with my growth trajectory".  Because of the diversity within their projects, they can immediately put theory into practice.

However, determining the course yourself does not mean that Stijn is on his own. For example, Stijn has three coaches around him at all times who advise and support him where necessary. "Through the various communication channels, I always have a direct line to colleagues, the Academy Manager and the Homebase. This means that I can always go to the right colleague with my questions".

Stijn Van Lembergen
"At Finsiders, I am not a number, but I do count".
Stijn Van Lembergen, Accountancy Expert

A strong group feeling

Not only its own career, but also course of Finsiders is determined by its employees. "The family atmosphere, the close-knit group we form is especially evident in the various working groups. It is a perfect complement for my personal development. It not only gives me a say in my personal development but also allows me to help shape the organization."  Since Finsiders involves employees in their growth story in this way, they not only succeed in creating great involvement but also a strong group feeling.


In short, choosing Finsiders is choosing commitment! "Who doesn't want to be treated like a number and wants to shape his/her own growth trajectory, Finsiders is the ideal place!". And who are we to contradict Stijn in this.

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