Getting the right Finance Manager on board

In need of a strategic sounding board? Or someone to take temporary control of the financial ship? Our experience financial managers take the reins with experience and confidence. With the right experience and skills, they bring the necessary expertise on board to take care of your needs. Each has their own background or expertise, each their own approach. We are happy to match the right finance manager to your project.


Finsiders, a quality label

We only recruit the best financial talents. We do that after a thorough selection process. Knowledge, skills and attitude are central to this process. We distinguish junior, mid-level, senior and lead experts, with exactly the right knowledge and skills you expect. Via our Finsiders Academy, each expert is given the appropriate training and coaching to help them grow and develop new knowledge and skills.


This is how we work

Finsiders builds on extensive experience in the financial world. With a laser focus on finance, we also help your company achieve concrete objectives.



What expertise or skills does your finance team need? We can quickly find the right expert for your project or assignment.


Project team

We will select the right Finsider(s) and supporting project team to manage your project.



We integrate the Finsider(s) into your team and the role, with a smooth onboarding and detailed mentoring process.


Finger on the pulse

The project team continues to monitor the project intensively and make adjustments where necessary. This is how we make the project a success!

Why work with Finsiders?

Find out why Finsiders also makes room for your organization to grow as a finance team and as a company.

In need of support?

An urgent challenge within your finance team? Or just need an extra pair of hands? Finsiders can help. Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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